Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lesson's Learned - Terrain Building

In attempting to spackle the 15mm buildings, in the future, I will not mount the buildings to their base first. Getting the spackle where it needs to go around the base is a real pain. I am having great difficulty with the roof line and around the windows. So far, two and a half sides done on one of the two buildings on the base.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Progress on La Hacienda Bonita & new miniatures.

OK, I gave the Spanish farm a name. I have started the process of spackling the evil thing. 15mm is small when it comes to trying to spackle the wooden model. I did not have this much trouble with the stand along model that I did for an East Front building. That same building mounted with walls and base is just a pain to work on. I have completed 2 sides of the two story building. I am leaning heavily on Rich's tutorial that he has posted on the TFL blog and on the Charlie Foxtrot instructions. They are both great. Not sure how exposed brickwork will work in 15mm.

The plastering portion of this exercise is not pretty. So no pictures on that. But I did receive my eBay purchases yesterday. I was really worried when I got the box.

As you can see, the postman must have sat on the box. But the miniatures inside were well packaged. I only had one issue. The mounted General came off his horse and the horse suffered some paint chipping. Fortunately, I did not buy that bunch for the mounted officer. I just wanted the infantry from that pack.

I now have two good groups of voltigeurs for my Napoleonics. Some need to have their pants repainted.

Here is the second batch from the same box that were unscathed.

I am not to sure about the officer in the second picture. Why is wearing a different hat than the others? I know the Brit officers had that kind of hat. I wonder if they used a different hats. The officers from AB all wore the same hats at their troops. Anyway, very excited to get these in. I should be able to get them based in short order. I will now have a full company of Chasseurs, a group and a half of Carabiniers (Plus an officer, an NCO and two drummers) and two groups of Voltigeurs. Not too bad. I also have cavalry and artillery support for the French. Once I have some terrain, I am ready for a campaign.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Work In Progress

I started making a country estate for a Napoleonic Peninsular Campaign. I really had no idea of what I was doing but I had some buildings to work with. I have the Impudent Mortal starter village. I grabbed two of the buildings and some old motherboard material and started work.

You can see my start here. I used some foam board for the walls to finish off the compound. I also used it to create a portico on the two story building. Eventually that will get a tile roof over it.

Today I worked a little more on it and added some lintels to the windows and started to frame out the doors that you will be able to see. I also added a small horse shed to the corner. Then I did the tedious task of making coping stones for the tops of the walls. I was greatly inspired by the TooFatLardies blog with the Amazing work Rich is doing in 28mm. I am not going to round corners in mine as the stones are so small as it is.

Next steps are to plaster the whole thing and put some sand on the bases. Lets see if I can get away with this tonight.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Resolutions and Plans.... Lets see how long these last.

I started to go through my projects to figure out what I wanted to spend time on. I decided to narrow my focus to two rule sets and three periods. The rules will be Chain of Command and Sharp Practice. The periods will be Early War WWII East Front, Napoleonics Peninsular Campaign and AWI Southern Theater. This means I need to sort out what is needed for each. That is where this comes in.

I am experimenting with tables so this may not work out as I think It will.

Early War WWII Eastern Front

Miniatures: I have base forces for the Russians, the Germans and the Italians. Where I am missing items is in the support lists.

Germans: I still need to finish out my Engineer groups. Once those are done, my forces will be complete.

Italians: Same as the Germans, I am lacking Engineers. I have my engineers primed and ready to paint.

Russians: I have about half of the engineers that I need. I just recently bought a pack to flesh out the others that I need.

So I need to invest about 2 hours of painting to complete out my miniatures for the Eastern Front. Not too bad.

Terrain: This is the tough one. I do have quite a bit of terrain in various states. But they need to be sorted out.

Have/WantRiversRoadsTreesHillsRural BuildingsTown BuildingsUrban Buildings
HAVEI have invested in JR Miniatures Rivers.
6mm Rivers - Several straight sections and a fork.
15mm I have about six feet of river sections.
28mm I have a couple of pieces including a fork.
Dirt Roads - I have about six feet of dirt roads including a crossroad.
Cobblestone Roads - I have three different sets of cobblestone roads. One that is a hard resin that looks great. I have the battlefront set which looks too big for 15mm miniatures. And I have a cloth set that is actually pretty nice.
Trees - You can never have enough. I am using a ground cloth for terrain and I will just put stuff under the cloth to make hills.I have about seven thatched roof cottages and barns to use.I have a small train station with coaling bins and a warehouse. I also have two buildings to use in my town areas.Painted, I have very slim pickings. I have a lovely warehouse from Foundations of War, two matt board buildings from GameCraft Miniatures and about five JR miniatures urban ruins.
WANTI would like to add a few more straight pieces of 6mm river as well as a ford.I have several more feet of dirt roads that need to be finished. I need to settle on a single style of cobblestone road and expand it.I have bought a bunch of chinese trees from Aliexpress and am awaiting their delivery.Nothing needed. Ordered a Iron Clad miniatures windmill.I ordered a second Impudent Mortal Village. I need to make more EF Town building with it. I have only finished one from the first set.I have three more matt board buildings from Gamecraft to finish. I also have the Impudent Mortal ruin kit which needs to be done.

AWI Southern Theater

Miniatures: I have the base forces that I want ready and painted up for both the crown and rebel forces. What I am missing are a few troops to round out each of the forces.

I would like a couple of groups of Lee's legion cavalry and infantry.That and I need to paint up at least two more groups of Continental Infantry.

For the Crown, I need to paint a commander for my British Legion Cavalry and paint my British Legion Infantry.

In all, I have probably three or four hours of painting to get this done.

Terrain: I actually have most of the terrain that I need. I definitely need to finish painting what I have. I have enough houses and out buildings. Only a fraction of which are painted. I could use a larger plantation house but that can wait. And you can never have enough trees.

Peninsular Campaign

Miniatures: Here I have fallen victim to my earlier megalomaniac impulses. For the British, I wanted to do an entire battalion in 15mm. So i have a complete Light company. But I have no regulars. I have bought some online to correct that. They just need basing. The British lack any Cavalry or artillery. That is something that I want to correct this year.

The French are in no better shape. I also wanted a Legere Battalion. So I have a full company of Chasseurs with no Voltigeurs. I have a single group of Carabiniers at this point. I have purchased some painted figures off of ebay to sort this out. The French have a large cavalry (guard Chasseurs) contingent and a cannon with crew. So once my ebay purchases arrive, I should be set.

Terrain: I have no buildings at all for the peninsular campaign. One of the things that I plan of doing is using the Impudent Mortal town set to make a few buildings for this. This will test my modeling abilities.

There is the plan for the year. This will last right up until I have an ooh shiny moment. But it is nice to think I have a plan.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Christmas is here. I was truly blessed this year. I received a fantastic gift from my Santa Clause. I recieved a group of wonderfully painted group of Italian WWII miniatures in 15mm. They are just what I needed to round out my WWII Russian Front Italians. I can't wait to get these based and on the table.

My sister-in-law gave me some really nice paint brushes. I gave myself the TFL Dawns & Departures supplement and the Christmas Special. Best yet, I have some Amazon Gift Cards. I am already scanning it for new toys and reference books.

The year is almost over and I am quite glad to see the end of it. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy and healthy New Year to you all.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Books - Jentz's Panzer Truppen Volume 1.

Years ago, when the War Room was still down the street from my house, I found Jentz's Panzer Truppen Volume 2. It was a great reference for Sicily as it had detailed information on the tanks used by the Herman Goering division there. It has plenty of other information and most of it is at the Division level. Volume 2 covers from 1943 to the end of the war.

Poking around Amazon and needing some retail therapy, I found someone selling a used copy of volume 1 for a fairly reasonable price. It just arrived. It looks like someone chewed on one corner of the cover and the dust jacket is nowhere to be found but it is in good condition otherwise. This book covers from 1933 to 1942. So it is perfect for the early war period and even has information for the German troops in Spain. It should provide some enlightening reading.

Sharp Practice Campaign System - Dawns and Departures

Rich just released his new supplement for Sharp Practice just in time for Christmas. I quickly purchased it and got it downloaded to my laptop. It looks great. There are three separate campaign systems for you to use. Its very exciting. I first need to start playing some games though.

To that end, I had a look at what figures I owned for Napoleonics. I did not even bother to open the Russian drawer was I know nothing is painted. One day I will have to do that. But the British Drawer was much more hopeful. I had been going for making a one to one battalion of British troops. I did not make it too far. What I have though is pretty good. I have a 64 man light company of infantry. They are led by two officers and two sergeants. There is also a drummer and color party. I also have some miniatures that I bought off of ebay that I have not painted yet. This expands the force to 16 men of a center company led by an officer and a sergeant with their own drummer. I also have a mounted officer ready to go. All in all, more than enough figures to get in a game of Sharp Practice using the core forces from the rule set.

The French were also an exercise in Megalomania. I was looking to do a battalion of Legere infantry. What I have is a Chasseur company of 72 men led by three officers, five sergeants, two drummers, a horn player (forgot what they are called) and a mounted officer. In addition, I have some skirmishing carabiniers (light regiment grenadiers). I have nine of those fellows led by a sergeant. For supports I have a group of 25 cavalry. Included in their number is a musician, a standard bearer and an officer. Plus I have a single cannon with a four man crew.

I was worried that I did not have enough Frenchmen so I was on Ebay last night. Something I should avoid for a while. I picked up a some more figures. The first auction had a mounted officer, five Chasseurs and 8 voltigeurs. The second auction netted me 16 more miniatures with Carabiniers, Voltigeurs and a couple of Chasseurs. I should be able to field two groups of skirmishing Voltigeurs when they arrive in the new year.

What I am lacking is British support items. I have no artillery and no cavalry for those poor chaps. Those will probably be an ebay purchase for the new year.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reading Material & Santa Clause Update

I have been thinking of doing a Pint Sized Campaign for the later war period. The problem was, I did not have any good references for it. All of my books cover the early war period. After asking a few questions online, I ended up ordering Zhukov at the Oder. I have only just started to read it but it is an interesting book covering the Soviet push into Germany and its ultimate goal, Berlin.

Thus far it has not offered much on small unit actions that I am looking for but it is still very interesting. What is better, is I got it dirt cheap on Amazon. I also purchased Jentz's Panzer Truppen volume 1. I had picked up Volume 2 a long time ago but never got around to purchasing the first volume. I found it for a decent price on Amazon and one click and it was on its way. Should arrive in the next couple of days. Now to find time to read with all of the hustle and bustle of the season going on.

It seems like the Santa Clause is running successfully. I have heard from most of the participants that gifts are on their way or will be shortly.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Messing With the Cold War Again

Since I cannot keep myself focused on any one topic, I have jumped back to the Cold War. I started looking through my collection to figure out what I needed for support options.

At this point I have a near complete platoon of British troops. I need some FV432s to round them out.

My US troops are a full platoon (circa early 1980s) with M113s. One needs some camo but the rest is complete. I need some armor for supports. I really want some form of M60 as the armor rather than an M1 Abrams.

The Soviets are a platoon of Motor Infantry with BMP-1s. I have one T-55 but it is painted as a Syrian vehicle. I really need some T-72s or T-55s to go along with them. There are some infantry that need some paint to round out the platoon. But other than that, they are complete.

I also reprinted my playtest copy of Cold War gone Hot (Chain of Command for the Cold War) and started to reread them. Hopefully, I can get some down time and paint or play a game here in the near future. Really should paint terrain......

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Toys, New Manufacturer and Observations in Scale

I was surfing E-Bay looking to do a little retail therapy when I stumbled across a new miniature manufacturer - War Game Models of Ohio. They make resin vehicles in 15mm that are really nice.

When I added them to my storage trays, I did notice that the T-34 is bigger than my Old Glory (Command Decision) vehicles. It is about a millimeter longer and the barrel and turret seem beefier than the Old Glory models.

For the German trucks, I don't think this will be an issue. If my Radio and tanker truck are slightly bigger than an Opel Blitz truck, I don't think anyone will notice. But the tank is very noticeable when next to the others. I will still use it but I may pick up another Old Glory pack of T34 1940s at some point in the future.

I started to inventory my Early War Soviet collection to see if there are any gaps that I have for the support list in Chain of Command. Honestly, my vehicle recognition skills stink so I was trying to compare my vehicles with pictures on the internet to figure what was what.

I found I have three KV-1s from two different manufacturers. The odd man out looks like the little brother of the other two. I believe that the two larger ones are from Flames of War. But the smaller one has a resin body and metal treads as well. As such, I am stumped as to what it is.

My T34s I recognize without having to compare pictures.

I have a plastic flamethrower variant of a T-26 (Kht-26 maybe? or OT-26). I think it is a Zveda model. Nice but feels fragile.

I have three Gaming Models T-26s. Looking at their site, I actually don't see the same turret as the ones that I have. It looks like his Radio antenna model with out the antenna. Speaking of which, I want one of those.

I have five of the Gaming Models KhTz-16 tractor tanks. Love these models. They were built in two places, Kharkov and Stalingrad. They were a terrible tank and most of them ended up as fiery wrecks but they are just too cool not to have. Gamine Models is the only place to get these. The owner built them for me by request. He did it because he thought they looked cool. Very nice models.

Then I have three Ba-10 armored cars. Two are metal models but are not Old Glory. Not sure whose work they are. And one is a plastic one (probably Zveda again). The plastic one was fiddly to put together. The front bumper snapped right off. But it fits in very well with the others.

That takes me to seven vehicles that I have no clue what they are. I bought them as part of a collection that someone was selling off.

I think two of them are BT-7s. I still have to figure out the others. Back to the search.